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Divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, spousal support/alimony, property and debt division, divorce mediation, collaborative law and other family law services are available through 1-800-DIVORCE in all major cities throughout the United States and Canada.

Use 1-800-DIVORCE To Find a Cheap Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Avoid the Local Me-Too Lawyer Crowd | Find a Cheap Divorce Lawyer Near Me

There are way too many local divorce lawyers! They all look the same. They all sound the same. They all have the same me-too cookie-cutter websites and they all stand in line at Avvo and LegalZoom.

1-800-DIVORCEThey all tell you that they are “compassionate” and “aggressive” and “good listeners” and whatever other nonsense they think you want to hear.

However, none of them can prove any such claim to you. They just expect you to believe them without proof. “Please hire me. I think I’m a great divorce lawyer, and you should too.”

So how can you tell which lawyer is right for you? By looking at how they handle their own businesses! Why?  Because that’s exactly how they’ll handle your case.

You do not want a divorce lawyer to look after your future legal and economic interests if s/he does not even look after his or her own business interests. You do not want a divorce lawyer who’s worried about his car payment.

Your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer has clinched the best family law brand in the world for his or her exclusive business use in your area. 1-800-DIVORCE brings your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer a LOT of divorces at a reduced case acquisition cost. The enables your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer to be a cheap divorce lawyer near me.

You want a lawyer who handles only divorce and a lot of it. You’re looking for a CHEAP DIVORCE LAWYER NEAR ME WHO ACTUALLY STANDS OUT FROM THE LOCAL LAWYER-CROWD.  1-800-DIVORCE is your clue.  There is only one 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer in your town.

Acquiring 1-800-DIVORCE was a wise move for that 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer. That proves to you that your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer is a bold, decisive, creative, savvy problem-solver. S/he’s not just telling you. S/he’s showing you.

Isn’t that the creativity and problem-solving you’re looking for in the best cheap  divorce lawyer near me?

Avoid the “Jack-of-All-Trades” Lawyer | Look For a Divorce Lawyer Near Me Cheap

Most local divorce lawyers near me will have only a “jack-of-all-trades” website and free accounts at Avvo and other lead-generation companies.  They advertise for divorce, criminal law, personal injury law, immigration and everything else.

They try to get ANY kind of legal work.  “Hey, we do a little bit of everything, you know.”

You DO NOT WANT a “jack-of-all-trades” lawyer who gets one divorce case every couple of months like all other local me-too lawyers. Let your spouse have that lawyer.

“Jack-of-all-trades” lawyers must charge you a LOT because you’re one of very few divorce clients. “Jack-of-all-trades” lawyers are not cheap divorce lawyers near me.

“Jack-of-all-trades” lawyers are also not experienced enough in divorce. Divorce and family law are specialized areas, just like all other areas of law.

You do not want your divorce lawyer to pick up the phone to speak to you about your divorce after s/he’s been working on a DWI defense or a car wreck case all morning. Those are completely different types of law practice with completely different mindsets.

Take Advantage of the Referral Game in Your Divorce | Do a Deal With a Cheap Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Divorce referrals are good for everyone. The friend or colleague who gets your future divorce referral has a good idea about how a divorce lawyer will perform from someone who already knows. You get the satisfaction of helping a friend in need. And referral business is GOLD to divorce lawyers. It is the business they don’t pay anything to get. It keeps them cheap divorce lawyers near me.

But they have to do a good job for you in order to get your future referral business. And those former clients must have a way to get their referrals to the lawyer.

Right now, divorce lawyer referrals to your friends are probably the furthest thing from your mind, but don’t miss the boat on this consideration. It can really help to get you the best performance from your divorce lawyer and the best possible result in your divorce or other family law case.

Your divorce lawyer will value your future referrals, and you should too.  

One of the reasons your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer signed up to become the exclusive 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer in your town is that 1-800-DIVORCE brings LOTS of free referrals from prior satisfied clients.

In many situations where divorce lawyers have done a fine job for a client but don’t have 1-800-DIVORCE, they don’t get any referrals because the prior client will forget their name or more likely forget and not be able to find their phone number or email address.  These things are easily forgotten over a very short period of time.

But when your divorce lawyer was 1-800-DIVORCE, how can you forget that?

So it is not a bad idea for you, politely and quietly, but firmly and seriously, to mention  that you have many friends and colleagues and that at least some of them will need family law services in the future. 1-800-DIVORCE will be great to refer them to your lawyer.

Your divorce lawyer will understand what you mean. It will help to adjust the balance of power between you and further assure that you get the best effort you paid for.

You are hoping for the best possible outcome in your case and your divorce lawyer is hoping for your future referrals through 1-800-DIVORCE.  It’s a good bargain. Take advantage.

Now, Let’s Get Real About A Cheap Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Yes, a cheap divorce lawyer near me is exactly what you want in your uncontested divorce!

An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which neither you nor your spouse/partner will dispute any issue in the divorce or the divorce itself.

You DO NOT want to use a cheap divorce lawyer near me if your divorce is contested, if your divorce is complex, if your divorce is high dollar value or if your divorce involves domestic violence or the threat of domestic violence. Using a cheap divorce lawyer in any such case would be un-wise. In such cases, you need an experienced specialist with very few clients.  It will be expensive and you should be glad that it will be expensive.

But if you have a simple uncontested divorce (about 80% of all divorces), you definitely want a cheap divorce lawyer near me.

Why? Because cheap divorce lawyers tend to be real good uncontested divorce lawyers . Think about it. If you have an uncontested divorce where you and your spouse are in agreement, do you want a divorce lawyer who handles a couple of dozen uncontested divorces a month or a traditional full representation divorce attorney who gets one uncontested divorce every 2 or 3 months?

Guess which will be the cheap divorce lawyer and the better uncontested divorce lawyer. The old-fashioned full representation divorce lawyer has to charge you $3500-$7500+, even for an uncontested divorce – because, at that fee level, your one of very few divorce clients.

And yes, as you look around the web, you’ll see people advising you not to get a cheap divorce lawyer because you would not get a cheap brain surgeon. Look, there’s skill involved in being an uncontested divorce lawyer, but it’s not brain surgery.  Get a cheap divorce lawyer to handle your uncontested divorce.

And by the way, you’ll notice that all of the people telling you online not to hire a cheap divorce lawyer are the expensive traditional $3500-$7500+ divorce lawyers trying to scare you into over-paying them.

So don’t get trapped into the big retainer fee and billable hour treadmill with a traditional divorce lawyer who will NOT tell you that you do not need a full-service divorce attorney for a simple uncontested divorce.

So you can tell your friends that you found an affordable divorce lawyer through 1-800-DIVORCE if you want, but between us, let’s face it. You got a cheap divorce lawyer, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Oh yeah. And You’ll NEVER Forget Your Cheap Divorce Lawyer’s Phone Number!

But there’s more! In the future, whenever a friend, colleague or relative needs similar assistance, you won’t be saying to them, “My divorce lawyer was great. I can’t remember his name but he has an office somewhere in town. I’ll try to find his email.” Instead, you will be able say one thing,  “Just call 1-800-DIVORCE. That’s what I did!”

The 6 Best 1-800-DIVORCE Lawyer Hiring Tips

Keep Your Divorce Local

Your divorce is local.  Keep it that way. Your 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer knows your local courts and judges and their unique policies and practices.  

Keep Your Divorce Professional

Your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer is highly educated and trained in the law and is professionally licensed by your state.  

Keep Your Divorce In-House

While all 1-800-DIVORCE law firms are independently owned and operated, most 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers are trained and skilled not only in drafting divorce pleadings,…..

Keep Your Divorce Realistic

Many 1-800-DIVORCE law firms offer unbundled services.  That means you do not retain the lawyer in the traditional sense to handle…

Keep Your Divorce Under Control

Most 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers are experienced and skilled in the cost-effective methods of virtual law practice. This is even more so since C-19.

Keep Your Divorce Affordable

Most nationwide online divorce providers charge you $300-$3500 just to prepare the most basic state divorce papers.