Why Use 1-800-DIVORCE To Find a Divorce Lawyer Near Me?

There are way too many local divorce lawyers! They all look the same. They all sound the same. They all have the same me-too websites and they all stand in line at Avvo and LegalZoom.

They all tell you that they are “compassionate” and “aggressive” and none of them can prove any such claim to you. They just expect you to believe them.

1-800-DIVORCESo how can you tell which lawyer is right for you? By looking at how they handle their own businesses! Why?  Because that’s exactly how they’ll handle your case.

Most divorce attorneys near you will only have a “jack-of-all-trades” website and free accounts at Avvo and other lead-generation companies.  They advertise for divorce, criminal law, personal injury law and everything else.

They try to get ANY kind of legal work, and they hope to get the same one divorce a month as all other me-too lawyers in town.

You DO NOT WANT a “jack-of-all-trades” lawyer who gets one or two divorce cases a month. They are not experienced enough, and they must charge you a LOT because you’re one of very few divorce clients.

You’re looking for one unique, bold, creative, COMPETITIVE divorce lawyer to handle your case. You want a lawyer who handles only divorce and a lot of it. You’re looking for a divorce lawyer who solves problems – for his or her business and for you.

You’re looking for a DIVORCE LAWYER WHO ACTUALLY STANDS OUT FROM THE LOCAL LAWYER-CROWD.  1-800-DIVORCE is your clue.  There is only one 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer in your town. S/he is experienced (1-800-DIVORCE brings more cases) and cost-effective (1-800-DIVORCE cuts down the cost of case acquisition). And s/he has boldly distinguished himself or herself from the local lawyer-crowd by securing the best family law brand in the world! How smart is THAT?

Isn’t that the creativity and problem-solving you’re looking for in a local divorce lawyer?

Oh yeah. And You’ll NEVER Forget Your Divorce Lawyer’s Phone Number!

But there’s more! In the future, whenever a friend, colleague or relative needs similar assistance, you won’t be saying to them, “My divorce lawyer was great. I can’t remember his name but he has an office somewhere in town. I’ll try to find his card.” Instead, you will be able say one thing,  “Just call 1-800-DIVORCE.”

"Don't Risk Legal or Financial Ruin by Using an Unlicensed Unregulated Online Divorce Mill From Out-of-State or in India or Ukraine."

Keep Your Divorce Local

The 6 Best 1-800-DIVORCE Lawyer Hiring Tips

Keep It Local

Your divorce is local.  Keep it that way. Your 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer knows your local courts and judges and their unique policies and practices.  

Keep It Professional

Your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer is highly educated and trained in the law and is professionally licensed by your state.  

Keep It In-House

While all 1-800-DIVORCE law firms are independently owned and operated, most 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers are trained and skilled not only in drafting divorce pleadings,…..

Keep It Realistic

Many 1-800-DIVORCE law firms offer unbundled services.  That means you do not retain the lawyer in the traditional sense to handle…

Keep It Under Control

Most 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers are experienced and skilled in the cost-effective methods of virtual law practice. This is even more so since C-19.

Keep It Affordable

Most nationwide online divorce providers charge you $300-$3500 just to prepare the most basic state divorce papers.

1-800-DIVORCE humor

An online divorce provider will likely be located far away and will be clueless about your state’s laws and your local Rules of Court. Online divorce providers claim to know how to handle divorces in all 3000+ counties in the US – an impossibility.

You can make an appointment to see your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer if the need arises. 

If you hire an online divorce provider, it will be the blind leading the blind. And when things go wrong, which they will, you will never get face time with that online provider and you will rarely be able to reach them on the phone or by email. Find a local divorce lawyer.

If you hire an unregulated online divorce outfit for $300-$1000 and end up paying for their mistakes forever, that’s NOT a cheap divorce.

Divorce is tough enough already! Don’t go it alone. Find a divorce lawyer near you.

Your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer is required to maintain a professional and confidential relationship with you.  S/he is required to handle your case with the highest ethical standards.  S/he is required to take continuing legal education and professional responsibility courses.

Online divorce providers are NOT staffed by lawyers.  They are not licensed or bonded.  They get on-the-job training only! You will have no effective recourse should you be treated dishonestly or incompetently by an online provider.

Search for “online divorce problems” and you will have plenty to read.  Many online providers are truly terrible.  A few are downright fraudulent. If you get caught with a bad one, you will need a lawyer, and much more money, just to get your case sorted. Don’t take that risk when a local solution exists at a similar cost.  Find a local divorce lawyer.

…including emergency orders, disclosure laws, negotiation of settlements and trial work but also in mediation or collaborative law – should your case be suitable for those methods either now or later on.

Online divorce providers only provide the most basic divorce papers. For you to obtain any additional services through an online divorce provider, they would have to make a cold referral to a lawyer in your area.

Why not start off with a local professional, such as your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer, who will already know the facts and issues of your case if additional services become necessary?

Use 1-800-DIVORCE to find a divorce lawyer near me.

…every single aspect of your case, such as filing the case at court or serving the case on your spouse. Traditional legal representation can easily cost $3500-$7500 – even for an uncontested case.  

Traditional (or full) representation is NOT as cost-effective because you are paying a lawyer to perform simple actions that you can do for yourself just as effectively.

In an unbundled representation (sometimes called, “limited scope representation”), you use the lawyer only where you need him or her: for document preparation and/or review, for a legal rights checkup and/or an occasional email or phone call, when necessary, to clarify a point or two.  

Unbundled packages are a much smarter and more cost-effective approach – particularly if your case is uncontested. And you still have all of the benefits of a professional relationship with the lawyer. And of course, full traditional representation is available should you prefer it at any time.

Whether unbundled or not, it is always a good starting point to use 1-800-DIVORCE to find a divorce lawyer near me.

C-19 has definitely forced more lawyers to adopt more legal services using ever-advancing technology.  

The delivery of legal services online is standard – with technologies such as video-conferencing, cost-effective digital marketing and the use of specialized software to track cases and crunch the huge amounts of financial data and paperwork involved in modern divorce and family law cases.

As a result,  the lawyer’s work-product and response times are far better than in traditional representation.  Your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer is NOT your grandmother’s divorce lawyer!

Forget EVERYTHING you thought you knew about hiring a divorce lawyer.

They don’t prepare your local county docs.  

The largest online provider does not even offer a Marital Settlement/Termination Agreement – the most important document in your case.

$300-$3500 is a remarkably high fee for what little is provided.

For $300-$3500, you also get no legal advice.  No one looks at your case professionally or from the perspective of your own personal interests.  No one assesses your future legal and financial positions consequent upon your divorce.  No one advises you of your rights during your case in order to protect and ensure your future or that of any children.  

With an online provider, you are essentially on your own, paying $300-$3500 for a very few prepared docs.

Again, all 1-800-DIVORCE law firms are independently owned and operated. However, most 1-800-DIVORCE law firms offer free consultations – often on 1-800-DIVORCE – always a good first step to explore your rights and the likely outcome of your case.  

Most 1-800-DIVORCE law firms employ some combination of today’s two major family law practice trends: (1) virtual law practice; and (2) unbundled services tailored to the facts of your case.

The result is that your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer can often offer you a professional, licensed, efficient uncontested divorce service in the range of $1000-$2500, depending on the facts of your case.  This is a far more valuable offer than any unlicensed unregulated document seller can provide.

1-800-DIVORCE X 11

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If you’ve made the difficult personal decision to terminate your marriage or to seek other critical family law relief, you should proceed at your pace and at your comfort level.

So continue to think and please keep us in mind. We know you’ll remember 1-800-DIVORCE.

Remember also that you want a bold competitive divorce lawyer who stands out from the me-too lawyer-crowd. You don’t want a lawyer to look after your legal and economic future if s/he doesn’t even compete and look after his or her own future.

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