Apply to Join the 1-800-DIVORCE Team

If you are a licensed lawyer in good standing and you offer divorce and other family law services to the public (or intend to do so) and what you read below and elsewhere on this website makes sense, you should apply to become the exclusive 1-800-DIVORCE attorney in your market area.

How It Works

You apply to become the exclusive 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer in your market area. If we have availability in your area and we think you are a good fit for 1-800-DIVORCE, we'll accept your offer to sign up by return email.

We'll forward the 1-800-DIVORCE Service Agreement. We'll exchange executed contracts.

You then integrate the 1-800-DIVORCE brand and trademark into all of your family law marketing campaigns, both real-world and digital, including the mandatory 1-800-DIVORCE Google Ads campaign with minimum monthly ad spand. Contact us should you have a different marketing outreach in mind.

We'll plug your designated phone number into 1-800-DIVORCE. Thereafter, any divorce or family law consumer who calls 1-800-DIVORCE from your area will be connected to your office directly and seamlessly. We'll also plug you into our web form lead generation systems.

We'll then email you login details to your 1-800-DIVORCE dashboard where, in the future, you will be able to view and download all of your 1-800-DIVORCE phone and form leads from the prior 12 months.

What Are Your Costs for 1-800-DIVORCE Service?

There is a flat monthly fee, invoiced in arrears, based on the population of the area we agree to subscribe to you. That flat fee covers (1) your license to use 1-800-DIVORCE in all real-world or digital marketing outreaches and (2) the cost of all inbound phone calls on 1-800-DIVORCE.

1-800-DIVORCE service is invoiced via PayPal on the first day of each month for service received during the prior calendar month.

There is a contractual requirement for a 1-800-DIVORCE Google Ads campaign with a minimum monthly ad spend, again based upon the population of the market area you subscribe. The amount you spend on Google Ads above the monthly minimum is entirely up to you. The required Google Ads campaign can be handled by your in-house marketing person or your favorite PPC digital marketing agency.

Do let us know if you have in mind an alternative marketing outreach other than Google Ads.

The purpose of the Google Ads campaign (or your agreed alternative) is to ensure that all non-competing 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers spend some minimal amount monthly to promote and exploit 1-800-DIVORCE. That prevents an opportunist lawyer from signing up, paying our small monthly fee, doing absolutely nothing to promote or exploit the 1-800-DIVORCE brand and picking up cases financed by the advertising expenditures of other 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers. Regrettably, that had become a problem. The mandatory minimum ad spend solution keeps the 1-800-DIVORCE network honest and protects the interests of each 1-800-DIVORCE member, including you. If you are not ready, willing and able to promote your local brand, we'll pass.

Summary of Terms of Use (see draft Service Agreement below for details):

1. Your 1-800-DIVORCE Service Agreement authorizes you to use the 1-800-DIVORCE brand and trademark in any of your law firm’s family law marketing outreach, whether online or in real-world advertising.

2. You receive all phone calls to 1-800-DIVORCE from your subscribed market area.

3. You receive all phone calls and form-submissions generated by your managed Google Ads campaign (or your agreed alternative) that targets your subscribed market area.

4. Your subscribed market area is delineated by telephone area codes. Any consumer calling 1-800-DIVORCE from anywhere in your subscribed area is delivered seamlessly and instantly to your designated local phone number.

5. Your 1-800-DIVORCE Service Agreement is essentially a life-estate in 1-800-DIVORCE in your specified market area. LMS may only terminate your 1-800-DIVORCE Service Agreement for non-payment, disbarment or cessation of practice.

6. No long term commitment. You may terminate your 1-800-DIVORCE Service Agreement at any time without cause upon 30 days advance emailed notice to LMS.

7. You may assign/sell your 1-800-DIVORCE Service Agreement to a local colleague in good standing with LMS’s consent, which cannot be unreasonably withheld.

8. No credit card required.

9. PayPal invoicing in arrears on the first day of each month for 1-800-DIVORCE service received during the prior calendar month.

10. You will have a secure personal login to the 1-800-DIVORCE dashboard where you may view and/or download all calls and leads from the prior 12 months.

11. Your 1-800-DIVORCE Service Agreement also provides you a separate family law microsite/landing page in the format, https://1-800-Divorce-of-[[City].com (or similar format).

TO APPLY FOR 1-800-DIVORCE Service: Complete the application form.