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How to Get a Divorce in Anchorage


If you need to get a divorce in Anchorage, your initial step must be to look online for info to assist you make your hiring choice.

So where should you look online? What should you try to find? Just what should you stay clear of? Keep reading and I will tell you all.

If you begin to look online for ” Anchorage divorce attorney ” or maybe ” how do I get a divorce in Anchorage ” you will certainly get a huge amount of perplexing information in your search results. The first thing to do is weed out websites that won’t actually help you in any sensible way to get a divorce in Anchorage.


You will certainly see a few Anchorage area court web sites. These are clearly vital, but they will not assist you to get your divorce. You can download blank divorce papers from court sites, but what do you do after that? You still need document preparation and guidance on the facts of your case and the best ways to in fact get the divorce completed via your county court system in the Anchorage area. The court could not advise you or prepare documents for you.

You will certainly also see in your search engine result a number of how-to blog posts and YouTube videos. These will not aid you either since they are always way too common. If a YouTube video or wikiHow overview can help you to get your personal divorce, it would certainly be 10 hours or 200 pages long. You wouldn’t view it or review it. And if you did, you ‘d still have unanswered problems.

You will also find a few “feel-good” sites. These are sites that may well provide excellent value in numerous indirect ways concerning your divorce. Examples would certainly be sites that supply divorce discussion groups or divorce training or emotional guidance. If you desire that kind of assistance, much of these websites can help, yet none of these sites will help you with the actual prep work of your case, what to do with the case after it has actually been prepared or provide any kind of necessary legal advice or sensible support based on the specific facts of your case. You’re still on your own.


get a divorce in AnchorageYour search engine result will additionally bring a dozen or even more nationwide online divorce sites run by non-lawyers. The majority of these are slick, frequently deceitful, up-selling rip-offs. They are generally outside of Alaska. Some are in India. They claim to be specialists in divorce in all 3000 counties in the United States– an impossibility!

You ought to avoid these online divorce mills like the plague. They are unqualified, unlicensed hucksters who take your money, typically around $300, and provide you with remarkably few completed divorce forms. They give no legal advice. They do not offer any legal or economic rights  checkup in your case. Their client assistance is poor quality if it even exists. Have a look at the high numbers of Better Business Bureau issues filed against these online divorce sites.

One prominent and especially fraudulent online divorce mill asserts that its full fee is $159, but after you have actually completed its online interview process, you are then informed that you either need to wait 10-12 days for delivery of your divorce papers or pay the additional $125 “expedite” cost. That’s called a ransom, and it is not the last up-selling you will certainly experience from that company. Don’t pay the ransom! Do not pay the $159 come-on to begin with!!

If you pay $300 to an unaccountable out-of-state online divorce up-seller and then you wind up paying permanently for their errors in your case, that is NOT a cheap divorce in Anchorage. Why would you risk your legal and financial future on such a crap-shoot? Avoid online divorce mills at all costs.


So just what do you search for that will actually work and obtain you a divorce? Well, to begin with, all divorce is local. So keep it that way. You want to hire somebody who knows not just the regulations of Alaska however also the rules of court of the Anchorage area court system and occasionally also the policies of individual judges. Online divorce rip-offs know absolutely nothing concerning your local court’s continually transforming laws, forms, techniques and policies. It would certainly be the blind leading the blind.

You additionally want to work with somebody who is actually in Anchorage or nearby to make sure that you can see them if need be. You will certainly never ever get to meet any person at an online divorce mill.


So, just what you are trying to find is a local divorce attorney in Anchorage Yes, I know. Visions of massive fees just popped into your head, but relax. It is true that not all divorce attorneys in Anchorage will be in a position or even wish to assist you to get an affordable uncontested divorce. Nevertheless, an increasing number of today’s divorce lawyers in Anchorage are not your grandparents’ divorce attorneys. Yet you have to understand exactly what you are trying to find.

There are trends taking place right now in contemporary divorce law practice, and those trends are highly cost-effective and beneficial to you, the divorce consumer.

Nevertheless, you need to learn about them and understand exactly what to look for and just what to request from each lawyer you interview.


Divorce lawyers today in Anchorage are fighting back against those on-line divorce mills that have been beating them to local business for the last 10 years. For lots of divorce attorneys, it is a matter of survival in a tremendously competitive vertical. When you understand this, and the divorce lawyers you speak with know that you understand this, your leverage is boosted considerably.

Wise divorce lawyers in Anchorage are utilizing the same wicked cool online software programs utilized by the unqualified online divorce mills. Modern divorce lawyers also use many brand-new digital law practice strategies that make use of the cloud to reduce your costs and make the provision of legal services a lot more reliable and hassle-free for you. Yet you need to acknowledge these trends.

Many divorce lawyers in Anchorage also offer “unbundled” services, which means that you pay just for the solutions that the facts of your case require. Commonly, if your case continues to be uncontested, this means that your divorce attorney in Anchorage will prepare and examine your case and your legal documents, but you will handle the legwork of submitting the case at court (It’s very easy– like going to the Post Office or DMV). You could additionally have to get your spouse served with the submitted divorce form. That is reasonably easy to do and the Anchorage divorce lawyer will certainly give instructions.

The primary benefit to hiring an unbundled virtual divorce attorney is that you will get a qualified, professional, moral Anchorage divorce lawyer on your team. That Anchorage divorce lawyer will provide you with legal advice and a legal and financial rights check-up as part of your case. You additionally get the insurance policy that if your case does blow up or things go wrong, as they occasionally do, you will already have a divorce attorney who knows your case and is ready to step in.

At an on-line divorce mill, they will have skinned you for $300 and when things go wrong, as they usually will, they just refer you to whatever attorney has actually purchased your zip code in Anchorage from them. The online divorce mill keeps your money and gets paid a referral fee by that attorney. That’s right!! The online mill gets paid a SECOND time if your case gets screwed up! That’s just how interested they will be in keeping your case straight.


So what will a savvy, affordable, unbundled online divorce lawyer cost you in Anchorage Remember that each law practiceget a divorce in Anchorage you call or email will be independently owned and operated. Not all Anchorage divorce attorneys have actually wised up to the developing trends of virtual law practice and unbundled services.

So you have to shop. You may have to call a few Anchorage law offices. Ask immediately whether they offer an unbundled service in uncontested divorce. If they don’t, they’re done and gone. Next! You must have the ability to get an unbundled attorney in your uncontested case in the range of $250-500. That cost will certainly consist of preparation of all your docs, a case evaluation, a limited but generally sufficient amount of legal advice and a sincere, professional on your side. And you can purchase more solutions if they are required, but you are able to control any extra fees under the lawyer’s strict ethical code in Alaska.


Absolutely an excellent place to start to seek such a wise affordable attorney in the Anchorage area would certainly be 1-800-DIVORCE. 1-800-DIVORCE has been an inexpensive way to locate a local divorce attorney since 1984. 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers tend to be very knowledgeable and extremely knowledgeable about the need to keep your costs down. And you’ll NEVER forget their telephone number!

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