Why Use 1-800-DIVORCE To Find a Family Law Attorney?

Best Way to Find a Family Law Attorney Near You

You're looking for a local, experienced, cost-effective, family law attorney who stands out from the local me-too lawyer-crowd and that's EXACTLY what 1-800-DIVORCE has been providing divorce consumers since 1991.

It's the American Way

American consumers have always responded better (one controlled study shows a 14X improvement) to advertisements containing a memorable, gimmicky toll-free phone number than to ads containing a purely numeric toll-free number - and even better still over a regular local non-toll-free number.
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Go With the Experience

You may also draw the reasonable conclusion that professionals in all fields, not just family law attorneys, tend to be not only more experienced but also better and more cost-effective at what they do to the extent that they have done it more than others in their profession.
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Go With a Winner

That is not to say that 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers are better than non-1-800-DIVORCE lawyers only because they have 1-800-DIVORCE. Nor can you expect the outcome of your case to be better only because you have hired a 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer.
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Stay Off the Roulette Wheel of Local Divorce Lawyers

By contrast, other methods and sources available to you for obtaining a divorce lawyer are little more than a crap-shoot.
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Reward Bold and Creative Family Law Attorneys

By becoming the exclusive 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer in your area, your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer has made a strong and decisive commercial statement to you that he or she not only wants your business but will work hard to satisfy you once you are a client.
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You Will Always Be Able to Refer a Family Law Attorney to Friends and Relatives

And when a friend or colleague has a similar need, you won't need to say, "My divorce lawyer did a great job for me, but I can't remember his name. I know he has an office downtown. I'll see if I can find his card or an email from him."Instead, all you have to say is, "Call 1-800-DIVORCE. That's what I did."You will always be able to remember your lawyer's phone number - either to contact your lawyer or to give the number to a friend or relative! No one ever forgets 1-800-DIVORCE!!