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It’s a trick question. You do not need to get the most effective divorce lawyer or attorney in Victorville, California There are numerous divorce lawyers in Victorville who would likely do an every bit as very good undertaking for you. It would be inconceivable to establish which one is the “best.”

The actual question for you, the Victorville divorce client, is precisely how to find one of those Victorville top divorce lawyers at the ideal levels of representation and cost for the aspects of your certain case – while keeping away from every one of the usual, and sometimes unsafe, pitfalls of the Victorville divorce lawyer hiring decision.

If you recognize what those pitfalls are (I will certainly tell you in this blog post) and if you have the right mindset, particularly that you wish to make your Victorville divorce lawyer fit your situation and not enable the lawyer to compel your situation to fit his or her rigid practice profile, after that you raise greatly your possibilities of nailing the Victorville divorce lawyer hiring decision. Getting you through that decision successfully is the purpose of this article.

To begin with, let’s list the 4 aspects to avoid:

1. Avoid Do-It-Yourself Divorce:

It is entirely possible, repeat POSSIBLE, to download totally free family law forms from California’s judicial council or family court web sites. Those totally free divorce forms are going to be uncompleted, obviously. You can then attempt to finish and file the forms at your local San Bernardino County divorce court on your own without expert aid. This is feasible – but extremely unlikely, extremely challenging, complex, aggravating and very lengthy.

Do it yourself divorce would certainly be essentially unattainable, and not smart even to try, in any type of  elaborate or contended family law proceedings. It would certainly be extremely unlikely to be a success if you have minor children of the marital relationship or have any type of assets or financial obligations to be itemized in the case or have custody, visitation or assistance agreements in your proceedings. It would certainly be foolish in a matter entailing domestic violence. Do it yourself would certainly additionally be hard if you have a job or if you position any type of value on your own time. Family law forms and procedures are designed by lawyers to confuse you to make sure that you employ – a lawyer.

Please excuse me if I do not invest way too much time on the do it yourself risk. My experience on the front lines of California divorce for the past 40+ years is that individuals who start the divorce procedure with the intent to attempt to get a cost-free divorce are most likely to  attempt DIY divorce whatever. For some reason, most likely financial, there is absolutely nothing I‘ve had the ability to uncover to convince them not to.

DIY in Family Law is typically false economy. You WILL almost certainly screw it up, and screwed-up proceedings are much more perplexing and very expensive to deal with and finalize. Do not play this game. The system is designed by lawyers to confuse you and compel you to employ a divorce lawyer. There are now economical options available– see listed below. Do not go it alone in Divorce or Family Law.


2. Avoid Traditional Victorville Family Law Attorneys if Your Case is Likely to be Uncontested:

An uncontested divorce is just one in which the parties will not be challenging any type of concerns, including the divorce itself. The parties do not have to be pleased and they do not have to care for each other. They are either totally or mainly in agreement on all concerns and are smart enough to recognize that conventional full-representation divorce lawyers (with significant retainers and billable hrs) would certainly be the only winners if they contended fairly inconsequential concerns in their divorce.

Victorville DIvorce Lawyer | California Family Law AttorneyTraditional full representation by a neighborhood Victorville divorce lawyer is when that lawyer will represent you in all facets of your divorce case. It is extremely likely to be a good service, yet it is high priced.

If you have a contested case, a complex case, a high-value case or a matter that includes domestic violence or the threat of domestic violence, full representation by a Victorville divorce lawyer is NOT to be avoided. It is a requirement.

A contested case denotes that you and your spouse/partner are disputing ANY issue in the case. A complex case consists of legal complexities such as tax concerns, active business concerns, a special needs child of the marital relationship or any one of numerous other complicated legal situations. A high-value case indicates that your marital estate is huge. There is no particular dollar limit. Absolutely, if you have a high 7-figure net marital estate or greater, that is a high-value case.

If you believe that you have a contested,complicated or high-value case, you do. Employ an expert and high priced Victorville divorce lawyer for full conventional representation. Look for a certified Family Law specialist. You will certainly not be sorry you did.

If you do NOT have a contested, complex, high-value or domestic violence case, you do NOT need conventional full representation by a Victorville divorce lawyer. In fact, under those circumstances, full legal representation by a Victorville divorce lawyer becomes a risk to your financial position. Avoid it.

Naturally, if you call or email a traditional Victorville divorce lawyer, they will not tell you that you do not need their full representation service. In fact, they will attempt to scare the crap out of you by sharing with you that you without a doubt need to have their service which your case will get messed up without it.

That might happen– even in a non-DIY case. I’ll advise you next how to steer clear of perhaps 90+% of the potential risk of getting your case messed up if you do not go DIY and you DON’T employ a traditional Victorville divorce lawyer on a full representation basis.

Your case could also perhaps get messed up if you DID employ a full representation Victorville divorce lawyer. That’s also not probable, however it could occur.

Nevertheless, what will DEFINITELY occur if you employ a traditional full representation Victorville divorce lawyer to manage your uncontested divorce or family law case is that you will get screwed economically. Your case may be managed very well, however you will overbuy excessive services and you will overpay for them.

There’s no requirement for that to occur nowadays. Your mothers and fathers had few other options on their family law hiring decisions. Your grandparents had no other options. You have numerous valid options to make your Victorville uncontested divorce lawyer hiring decision based upon the nature and facts of your case, not upon the BMW payments of Victorville divorce lawyers. Keep reading.

3. Avoid Unqualified Unregulated Online Divorce Mills:

This is by far the biggest danger you deal with in your hiring decision in regards to damage to your future legal and financial security. Non-lawyer online divorce is a substantial industry. And it is very unsafe to your legal and financial future.

Online divorce mills use slick sites, wicked-cool divorce computer software, charges lower than MOST lawyers, no legal advice, no legal knowledge, no professional licensing, no legal education, no code of ethics, no malpractice insurance, no knowledge of San Bernardino County divorce procedures, no local knowledge about San Bernardino County guidelines of court, local San Bernardino County forms, local practices or the policies of specific local judges in the Victorville region and no professional interest in you or your case. And all within a totally uncontrolled Wild-West industry rampant with all type of incompetence, price scams, and up-selling.

Online divorce mill charges average about $300, however what you get for that $300 charge is remarkably little– simply prepared California divorce forms. Any other services provided are all up-sold on the basis that as soon as they’ve got you hooked, what are you going to do – walk away from money already spent? You are at their whim and you are totally unguarded. And they realize it!

See the Online Divorce Association of America’s website for a great synopsis of merely a few of the more common scams and up-sells to be experienced in the online divorce industry.

If you choose an online divorce mill, you’ll constantly be dealing with low-level, untrained, indifferent, high turn-over staff, call center staff members and folks in India, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Mexico or some other state. Nobody will conduct any type of analysis on your case to safeguard you and any minor children from future legal or monetary damage. Customer assistance will be awful due to the fact that it does not have to be anything else. You will never have the ability to meet anyone at an online divorce mill as it is very likely that none are located in Victorville and even in California

If you employ an online divorce mill believing you will conserve yourself a few dollars and you and your family end up paying for their mistakes for years, that is NOT an inexpensive divorce!

4. Avoid Me-Too Lawyer Advertising Platforms:

Me-Too Lawyer Advertising Platforms are online lawyer directory sites like Avvo, FindLaw, LegalZoom, Justia, Google Screened, Google Business Profile (formerly GMB) and now even Yelp. This is the latest pitfall to avoid in your Victorville divorce lawyer hiring decision.

Nevertheless, the potential harm here is not big– nowhere near the damage done routinely by non-lawyer online divorce mills or undoubtedly the damage likely to be done by you to your own case with DIY divorce.

If you employ a Victorville divorce lawyer you found on a mass-lawyer finder platform, you’re going to overpay to some extent, depending on how much the lawyer is paying the lawyer finder platform, however not as terribly as if you had hired a traditional full representation Victorville family law lawyer straight up.

Certainly, you do not want to employ a traditional full representation Victorville divorce lawyer you discover on a mass-lawyer platform. That would compound your over-payment, however the important element here is that you do not want to employ a traditional full representation Victorville divorce lawyer to manage your basic uncontested divorce, no matter where you discover that lawyer!!

Victorville DIvorce Lawyer | California Family Law AttorneyThe risk with hiring a Victorville divorce lawyer that you find ONLY on a mass-lawyer platform is that you’re employing a below average Victorville divorce lawyer– a drone who simply stands in line with all other Victorville divorce lawyers and HOPES that s/he will get your trade however does nothing to distinguish himself or herself from the Victorville lawyer-crowd. That lawyer does nothing to persuade you that s/he is the unique resolution to your case. You do not want that lawyer.

You would like a Victorville divorce lawyer who is innovative, strong, one-of-a-kind, stylish and business-savvy. In fact, why would you employ a Victorville divorce lawyer to take care of your own legal and financial interests when s/he does not even take care of his or her own business interests aggressively and decisively? You’re trying to find a divorce lawyer who intentionally sets himself or herself apart from the Victorville lawyer-crowd and does NOT blend in by joining Avvo and doing nothing else.

Mass-lawyer finder platforms like Avvo are cost-free to sign up with, which is why every divorce lawyer in San Bernardino County will have registered. So you ought to not disqualify a Victorville divorce lawyer just because s/he has an Avvo account.

Nevertheless, you ought to not presume that such a Victorville divorce lawyer is extremely clever or business-savvy either. The problem is that while these mass-lawyer platforms are cost-free for the lawyer to sign up, the lawyer needs to then start to pay continually increasing charges on a bid-basis, constantly competing against other local San Bernardino County divorce lawyers, to be seen on the top page of the platform’s website. If that lawyer does not pay more, s/he’ll be on page 3 or 5 of the mass-lawyer website in even a medium-sized town. If that lawyer does not keep bidding up his or her charges, she’ll not get sufficient business to stay in business.

It’s a winner-take-all system with the top extremely few lawyers in each town taking almost all cases– based on how much advertising charges they can pay– not based on how excellent they are or on how they have actually configured their offerings to match your case. The barrier to that me-too lawyer getting your business is the amount of money s/he is prepared to pay to get it, not the quality and distinctiveness of his or her service offerings.

If that me-too divorce lawyer in Victorville pays more to the mass-lawyer finder platform and keeps paying more, s/he’ll get a highlighted position on the platform’s website and will get more sales, however his or her costs of acquiring cases will continuously rise while his or her charges are fairly fixed by the flat need for consumer law services such as divorce.

The Victorville divorce lawyer who plays the Avvo pay-to-play game will constantly need increasingly more lower profit cases simply to keep up with sales costs. You do not desire that business-foolishness in somebody you will trust with your legal and financial future.

And yes, that lawyer is going to use the same brain to take care of your case as s/he utilized to screw his or her own business into the ground.

How to Find the Best Victorville Divorce Lawyer – Victorville DIvorce Lawyer | California Family Law Attorney

So above are 4 problems to stay away from: do it yourself divorce, old-fashioned full-service lawyer representation in basic uncontested cases, unlicensed and uncontrolled online divorce mills and boring me-too drone lawyers who are really bad at business.

So what do you in fact search for in a Victorville divorce lawyer?

Victorville DIvorce Lawyer | California Family Law AttorneyBefore I tell you, I want to set the stage by offering you 2 exceptional statistics that I did not presume true when I first saw them. These are game-changers in the legal profession and you need to take full advantage of them in your Victorville divorce lawyer selection decision:

  1. There is a glut of lawyers on the market and it’s serious. According to the ABA National Lawyer Population Survey, in 2017, the whole legal profession lost some 1400 jobs while almost 20,000 brand new lawyers have been added – just in 2017. And the ABA has just certified a huge new law school down in Texas. And this has been trending for years. And all of this surplus of supply while the demand for legal services has been flat or, as in the case of family law, diminishing because of DIY divorce and the overwhelming success of fraudulent and incompetent online divorce mills (both caused by the Internet).
  2. From 1988 to 2012, the average solo lawyer practitioner’s yearly income, after adjusting for inflation, dropped from $70,747 to $49,130. Read that last sentence again. This is based on published data from the IRS compiled from solo lawyer practitioner tax returns for the years specified. The legal profession is in serious economic decline. More so in areas of consumer law, like uncontested divorce, where the Internet has reduced the knowledge gap between lawyers and consumers.

What to Look For:

Business-savvy lawyers who want to participate in the divorce industry are under considerable price and business-model pressure right now. Take advantage! You want to hire a Victorville divorce lawyer who has responded to this professional crisis in the following ways.

You want as many of the following factors as you can find in one Victorville divorce attorney:

  1. Licensed local Victorville divorce attorney (not an unlicensed out-of-state online divorce mill);
  2. Offers unbundled services in uncontested cases– this signifies that you just buy the legal services your case needs. You will normally do your own filing of docs at court and schedule the service of filed docs on your spouse/partner. The divorce lawyer will review your docs before they are filed, recognize problem issues in your case and recommend the best options based upon legal advice and local knowledge. If you call a lawyer and inquire about unbundled services and you can tell they do not know or do not desire you to know, simply hang up. They do not yet get it. Move on. Do not educate them.
  3. Uses online divorce software that allows you to log into a client portal and inputall of the data in your case.  This not only saves money and time, but it literally empowers you in your own case. You are the source of all datain your case. Also, there’s no 50-page paper copyone-size-fits-all questionnaire for you to complete in the lawyer’s waiting room.
  4. Uses other cloud-based software and apps – listen for buzz phrases like “client portal” and “virtual law practice.” Ask about e-filing and listen closely to determine if the lawyer even knows what it is.
  5. Doesn’t have a fancy office in a downtown high-rise or across from the courthouse. You don’t want to pay those rents. This is even more so during C-19. You’re looking for a lawyer in a strip mall or even one who works at home and has one or more shared office arrangements for client meetings. Don’t use a lawyer who has obviously big expenses – YOU pay them!
  6. Look for a competitive edge. Look for a lawyer who understands what is going on around him or her in his or her chosen profession. The practice of law is legal education, knowledge and experience attached to a business model. If you call a lawyer and ask about unbundled services or online divorce interviews and they act like law practice is ONLY a noble profession and not a competitive business, hang up. Don’t educate them. They don’t yet get it.
  7. Specialization – You don’t want to hire a lawyer who is a jack-of-all-trades on the basis that s/he might get hired for something. There are many different areas of law practice. They are very different from each other. Specialization is the name of the game today. Look at the lawyer’s website. It will tell you whether s/he is trying to get work in numerous areas of practice. It doesn’t matter if the lawyer handles maybe 2 areas of law, particularly if they are both areas of consumer law, such as divorce and bankruptcy. However, if you see that the primary practice area is DUI or personal injury or criminal law and family law appears to be an add-on, move on. Don’t explain.  Just move on. They do not handle enough family law to be any good.  They use family law as an unwanted add-on.  They will not be experienced enough and they will have to charge you a lot because you will be one of very few family law clients. Also, personal injury law paydays are huge and criminal law cases are critical to someone’s personal freedom. Where do you think your family law case will fit into that lawyer’s busy day?
  8. Look for a spark – You are looking for a lawyer who has positioned himself or herself in such a way as to convince you that s/he is the unique local divorce lawyer in Victorville that is best suited to resolving your case and your specific problems. This is hard to define, but you will understand if that lawyer makes this connection with you. If there is no such spark on the first exposure, there never will be. Move on.
  9. Look for Unique Action – Obviously, this does not involve ONLY standing in line with every other lawyer at Avvo or similar me-too lawyer platforms. Avvo owns all of that attorney’s blog posts and may control his or her entire marketing outreach. Avvo takes money from that lawyer in order to sign up more lawyers in Victorville lawyer-crowd. You’re looking for someone with style who stands out, not melds in. 1-800-DIVORCE is exclusive in Victorville. There is only one 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer in Victorville. Check here or complete the web form below to see if Victorville has a 1-800-DIVORCE.

Divorce and Other Family Law Services Are Available Through 1-800-DIVORCE in Most Medium to Large Cities, Including the Following Cities, As Well As in Victorville:

San Bernardino, Rialto, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Pomona, Palmdale, Corona, West Covina, Lancaster, El Monte, Pasadena, Fullerton, Anaheim, Orange, Norwalk, Burbank, Downey, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Garden Grove, Irvine, Murrieta, Costa Mesa, Santa Clarita, Inglewood, Temecula, Huntington Beach


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Keep 1-800-DIVORCE in Mind

If you’ve made the difficult personal decision to terminate your marriage or to seek other critical family law relief, you should proceed at your pace and at your comfort level.

So continue to think and please keep us in mind. We know you’ll remember 1-800-DIVORCE.

Remember also that you want a bold competitive divorce lawyer who stands out from the me-too lawyer-crowd. You don’t want a lawyer to look after your legal and economic future if s/he doesn’t even compete and look after his or her own future.

…including emergency orders, disclosure laws, negotiation of settlements and trial work but also in mediation or collaborative law – should your case be suitable for those methods either now or later on.

Non-lawyer online divorce providers only provide the most basic divorce papers. For you to obtain any additional services through a non-lawyer, they would have to make a cold referral to a lawyer in your area.

Why not start off with the best divorce lawyer near me, such as your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer, who will already know the facts and issues of your case if additional services become necessary?

Use 1-800-DIVORCE to find the best divorce lawyer near me.

Your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer is required to maintain a professional and confidential relationship with you.  S/he is required to handle your case with the highest ethical standards.  S/he is required to take continuing legal education and professional responsibility courses.

Non-lawyer online divorce providers are NOT staffed by lawyers.  They are not licensed or bonded.  They get on-the-job training only! You will have no effective recourse should you be treated dishonestly or incompetently by an online provider.

Search for “online divorce problems” and you will have plenty to read.  Many online providers are truly terrible.  A few are downright fraudulent. If you get caught with a bad one, you will need a lawyer, and much more money, just to get your case sorted.

Don’t take that risk when a local solution exists at a similar cost.  Use 1-800-DIVORCE to find the best divorce lawyer near me.

A non-lawyer online divorce provider will likely be located far away and will be clueless about your state’s laws and your local Rules of Court. Online divorce providers claim to know how to handle divorces in all 3000+ counties in the US – an impossibility.

You can make an appointment to see your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer if the need arises. 

If you hire a non-lawyer online divorce provider, it will be the blind leading the blind. And when things go wrong, which they will, you will never get face time with that online provider and you will rarely be able to reach them on the phone or by email. Find a local divorce lawyer. Find the best divorce lawyer near me.

If you hire an unregulated online divorce outfit for $300-$1000 and end up paying for their mistakes forever, that’s NOT a cheap divorce.

Divorce is tough enough already! Don’t go it alone. Find the best  divorce lawyer near me through 1-800-DIVORCE.

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